Sunday, May 24, 2015

Miguel Herranz

Stretching Klass 5 - Miguel Herranz (Instructor)
Sketchbook Skool

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lapin - Sketchbook Skool Instructor

This Lapin. He's a Frenchman living in Barcelona. His assignment was to do a big head/small body person. So I drew him. :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sketchbook Skool assignments

Today's Sketchbook Skool assignment from France Belleville-Van Stone's klass. France wrote the book "Sketch", which I bought several months ago before I ever signed up for this klass, or knew that she would be one of the instructors. This assignment was to draw something with wheels twice—once with color and another one just drawn with cross-hatching. I haven't done the cross-hatched one yet.

This one is from Lapin's klass (I'll post his portrait tomorrow after I take a better picture of it.) 
Assignment:  Draw a big head/little body person. I drew my dad. It was very difficult because he wouldn't sit still and he kept leaning over. :/  This is a new concept for me so I haven't really gotten it right yet. The body still needs to be smaller—kind of like a bobble-head. 

Jonathan Twingley - Sketchbook Skool Instructor

These are some of my latest sketches. Since I just started this blog, I will be posting some pages randomly from my sketchbook—in no particular order. These two are my first two instructors in the Sketchbook Skool klasses. (yes, they spell it with a k) :)

First week:

Jonathan Twingley

Tomorrow I'll post another one.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Old Cowtown Museum

About a month ago I spent a morning waking around our Old Cowtown Museum. I sat on a bench across the street from the Dry Goods/Clothing store and sketched it. While I was sitting there sketching, this pretty girl decided to join me. After rubbing back and forth against my leg for a minute she curled up for a nap in the corner next to my bench. I think I made a new friend. :)

I finished my sketch of the building, leaving the coloring of it for when I got home. This day was such a beautiful, sunny day that I really enjoyed the morning walk around the streets, peeking in each building to take a few pictures. I didn't take pictures inside the saloon because you can actually grab a sandwich and drink there and it was occupied by a family doing just that. I didn't think they'd appreciate me intruding and taking their picture. 

Cowtown is larger than I remembered. The streets went around in a circle (or square). As you come in you pass the church on your left and the old shack on the right, keep going to the end of the street and turn left at the pharmacy, you'll pass the livery stable and the meat market, then turn left again at the train depot, you'll pass some houses and then arrive at the schoolhouse, and end up back where you started. 

Here is a video of some of the pictures. I took a grip load of pics so I couldn't include them all. 

Here is a of sketch from my sketchbook: